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What do you want to be when you grow up?

September 1, 2022by Aleksandra Štingl

In a great book by the Icelandic author Halldora Thoradlsen, I read how alienation screams under the guise of excessive communication, speed, consumer fever. It strives for some general satisfaction. Reckless exploitation is followed by an unbearable illusion and this lie brings us to our knees. Where is the square, the children and the game, the old people on the benches and the time we once had enough of?

We have stopped playing and looking at the world through children’s eyes and are guided by their sincerity and simplicity, without complications. This blog does not bring any life wisdom. It is dedicated to all people who have not stopped being children.

This topic is best illustrated by the conversation of a grandfather with his grandson, described in the book “Every morning, the way home is getting longer”. Namely, the teacher asked the students to write what they considered the meaning of life. One boy wrote – socializing. Grandfather agreed that was the best answer he had ever heard. However, the teacher requested that the answer be elaborated and written much longer. The boy answered – I consider socializing and ice cream to be the meaning of my life.

On another occasion, teacher asked them to write a story about what they want to be when they grow up. The same boy wrote that he would like to be small and not grown up, because adults are always angry, and only children and old people laugh. The teacher said that he did not understand the task. The boy replied that she did not understand the answer.