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Doing good

November 24, 2022by Aleksandra Štingl

At this time last year, Robert Torre, a respected clinical psychiatrist and author of several books in the field of psychiatry, passed away. My favorite books are “Madness Strikes Back” and “Is There Life Before Death?”

He presented several great thoughts in those books, and one of them is about the importance of doing good. As Torre says “when we are doing good, we feel good, good things come from a good state od mind and consequently being good makes good. Goodness rewards itself, and if it is rewarded beyond itself, the more and the better.“ Could it be easier?

Giving away your work to individual clients can also mean good. Those who really appreciate your time, experience, and advice. Therefore, every year I choose a client for whom I provide free PR support for their project. Feeling of added value that I provide unexpectedly and free of charge is important for me and my business. Some of the lovely stories that came out of such collaboration:

The worldwide success of Klaić children hospital in rescuing a girl who fell under a tractor:

Dali su joj dva posto šanse za život, sad ide kući

Celebration of 30 years of the AIKIDO society which provided free aikido training and participation in
all other contents of Japanese culture in the House of Aikido, such as calligraphy, sushi making or
Japanese film evenings:

AIKIDO ZAGREB SLAVI 30 GODINA: Tijekom rujna očekuju vas raznovrsni besplatni sadržaji