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Never stop with lifelong learning

August 8, 2022by Aleksandra Štingl

I have been postponing writing this blog for month, out of laziness. Everything I write about is so important for my work and career advancement because it is all about lifelong learning. This year I had the opportunity to moderate/host more than 25 different events (workshops, conferences, seminars, press conferences) for various clients – ministries, agencies, non-governmental organizations.

Although I have been working in public relations and Journalism for 20 years, I felt the need to work with an expert and learn the basic techniques, exercises and possibilities of articulation and intonation of my voice. My goal was to find the strongest position of my voice. The choice fell on Anita Tripala, a great phonetician from HRT who is currently successfully running her own business Jaka jeka.

Anita told me that she was a demanding teacher and that I should prepare myself for a difficult and dedicated training. We set high goals – to learn how to relax, to learn vocal exercises and pronunciation before the performance and to work together on synopsis and shorten them meaningfully.

I started applying everything I learned before every performance and it took me exactly 10 minutes. I learned a lot about myself, how to make every performance high-quality and impressive, and how to successfully deal with stage fright before public performances. I was very motivated for work, and she praised my appropriate speaking behavior and assured me that the performances would be enjoyable  both for me and the audience. That’s exactly what happened. I strongly recommend Anita to anyone who needs help with speech, because she is a great professional who does her job with great love, expertise and with proven results.