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Integrated marketing communications

Recently I have completed an online education, a program Integrated Marketing Communications organized by IE Business School in Madrid, an internationally recognized business school that has been promoting innovation and change in organizations for over 40 years, providing managers with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The program was divided into four modules and each included a series of video lectures, essay reading etc. Lectures included introduction of the integrated marketing communications concept, assistance in running a successful marketing communication campaign, but also how to profit from advertising and marketing communication agencies, planning communication goals and budgets, design thinking process and how to efficiently combine PR, digital marketing, advertising, etc.

The most interesting lecture included challenges in communicating with potential customers of our services, modules on how consumers make decisions and how to best create a marketing mix.

Although I have been successfully implementing various marketing and PR campaigns for the past 15 years, so I already know most of the information, it was a good opportunity to refresh knowledge and learn from experienced colleagues who have made successful advertising campaigns and are willing to share their knowledge.