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Public speech and presentation of results

October 2, 2020by Aleksandra Štingl

Lately, I often help the Association ZAMISLI in media promotion. In order to increase their visibility in the media and improve their communication tools, I have organized a training called “Public Speech and Presentation of Results”.
At the beginning, all project managers learned to present their projects concisely and clearly, with an emphasis on the benefits they provide to project beneficiaries. They did it very well. We then concentrated on media promotion and promotion through the Association’s website and social networks. There is room for improvement, and some of the proposals could be summarized through the following:

  • Relevant project activities (travel, meetings, workshops, trainings, etc.) to promote more regularly through interesting posts on social networks and on the Association’s website
  • Achieved project results and statements of satisfied users should be promoted in the media that regularly follow us through interviews, statements, topics and announcements
  • For all media appearances it is necessary to organize media training
  • Use networks where our target group is. If you are young, use social networks like Instagram and Youtube
  • More frequently use video announcement in the promotion of projects of the Association
  • Writing informative and educational blogs for promoting and attracting new users and volunteers
  • Presence on the business network LinkedIn to make stronger connection with business community
  • Making infographics with the annual results of the Association ZAMISLI