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Online conference on assistance to people with disabilities

September 30, 2020by Aleksandra Štingl

Last week, we helped the Association ZAMISLI in the media promotion of the Online conference “The challenges of assistance to people with disabilities and children with disabilities, Croatian and EU practice”. This is the first of five online conferences that the Association ZAMISLI will organize as part of the project “Challenges of everyday life of people with disabilities” whose goal is to point out the challenges that people with disabilities face in everyday life. We highlight this conference as a successful example because we set and achieved the following goals:
⦁ We have designed a quality program to point out the main problems of assistance and in 120 minutes we have offered good solutions ✅
⦁ We have invited relevant guests from the City of Zagreb and the Office of The Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilites who answered on questions of 65 participants and gave concrete answers ✅
⦁ We have proposed people with disabilities and assistance users who presented their problems in a creative way – through videos, presentations and structured short speeches with many examples of good and bad practice in Croatia and the EU ✅
⦁ We have announced daily conference on social networks through photos and key messages of users ✅
⦁ We have tested the technical equipment and all prepared materials with all speakers before the conference to avoid unwanted surprises ✅
⦁ We have invited participants from all over Croatia to whose addresses we timely delivered promotional gifts (cups, drinks, stickers) ✅
⦁ We have got media space and send a message that the most important thing in assistance is to focus on the persons who needs help and their individual needs ✅
⦁ We have complied with all epidemiological measures in the office where several panelists joined us (keeping distance, measuring temperature, wearing masks, disinfecting hands and space) ✅