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Find your element

August 31, 2020by Aleksandra Štingl

I already mentioned Sir Ken Robinson’s book “Element” in the blog “Croats are crazy about ikigai”. The term element is used to describe a state in which what we like to do is related to what we are good at. He believes that discovering one’s own element is crucial for satisfaction with our life, health and ultimate success. He says people who love what they do often describe themselves as happy people, while people who feel they are not successful in their lives often say they were unlucky.

How many times have we heard that? Isn’t it fair to start with the question of what we expect from ourselves? What makes us happy? What do we enjoy the most and slowly start developing talents and skills and start living life in the direction in which we will become happy people?

The people who are in the element are extremely focused and determined and completely preoccupied with what they are doing. It provides a sense of freedom, unfetteredness and authenticity. When you do what you love you are filled with energy, and even when you are physically exhausted. Doing tasks at a job you don’t like can drain energy out of you in minutes.

Being in the element for me personally is writing every communication strategy and plan, designing events, creating a campaign on social media or preparing and conducting media training. When I am in the element there is no fear of failure or lack of self-confidence because I am doing what I am good at and what I feel a great passion for.

I wish everyone who reads this text to swim against the current and find their element!