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Everyone needs good speaking skills

August 10, 2020by Aleksandra Štingl

Whatever business you do, you need to have good communication skills. Entrepreneurs should not neglect the importance of good communication and continuous improvement of speaking skills because it depends on how successful they will be in their business. The skills of communicating, writing and generating new ideas are crucial for business, and it all comes down to a more or less well-known formula – you need to have a lot of knowledge about the topic you are talking about and prepare well.

Professor Ivo Škarić in his book "Foundations of modern oratory" expressed a wonderful thought which reads: "We can convince others only of what we believe in, we can only explain what is clear to us, prove only what is true and concise and strongly express a thought only if we think broadly”.

To make your speech as successful as possible, there are general principles you need to pay attention to:
1. Let your speech have a purpose and value for the audience you are addressing. Do not waste time on the audience! Try to summarize in one sentence before the speech what you have to say!
2. Meet the audience you are addressing! Embrace all participants in the audience equally with your gaze during the speech!
3. Repeat the key thought in your speech at least three times! Use examples, numbers and illustrations! Do not rush the speech but shorten it!
4. Invest enough time in preparation! Do not read the speech! Speak it as if you made up that moment! Before the performance, record and correct in time all observed errors in non- verbal communication, speech performance, speech structure and more.
5. At the end of the speech, point out what contribution you made to the audience! Perfection does not exist, but all those who continuously improve their communication and speaking
skills will not end up without results.