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Communication as a recipe for a long life

During this world’s health crisis, we would like to share one great story about Ogimi Village, located in the rural north side of island of Okinawa where healthy, happy and long-lived residents lives. Here residents find happiness in simple things and antique values, and the importance of communication is very high on the list.

In their village, birthday celebrations and various other festivities are basic components of a lifestyle. The secret to a long life consists of a few facts: not to worry too much, to have a young heart and not to let it grow old and to keep smiling at people.


No one conflicts with anyone here; they do not create problems and simply try to hang out with others and to have a good time. Residents often go out on the road and greet people with a “good day” and “goodbye” as honestly as they can. Remember the last time someone greeted you in the morning with the most sincere facial expression possible?

They work until the last moment of their lives, whether they are gardening, planting, making or selling their handicrafts. In addition, they exercise regularly and go for short walks. They pay a great deal of attention to the daily cultivation of friendships – they visit each other, drink tea with everyone and talk to the people they love.

And in the end, they are optimistic – they laugh a lot, sing karaoke, play sports, volunteer even at the age of 90. They simply live and are reminded every day that this day will be full of energy and health. If we took over only 20 percent of these Japanese councils in Croatia, we would become one of the happier nations in the EU.