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Warren Buffet on Communication

Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway offers good advice to anyone who wants to be successful in business and life – improve your communication skills. He believes that even a relatively modest improvement can significantly affect future earnings opportunities.

The US media has published his advice on how investing and improving communication skills can increase your value by as much as 50 percent because it will motivate people to follow your ideas and support you in the business.

Buffett was not naturally gifted for public speaking. By the age of 20, he could not speak in public. And then he decided to do something about it. When he attended Columbia Business School, he paid $ 100 for Dale Carnegie’s public speaking course. Dale Carnegie is an American writer and lecturer and author of numerous books in popular psychology. Classes lasted several months, and they practiced public speaking every week. He says it was one of his best investments in his life and today he still holds a certificate on the wall.

As soon as he finished the course, he contacted the University of Omaha and offered to give lectures. He knew that he would forget his newly acquired skills if he does not use them. As he says, “I just did it and now I cannot stop at talking!”

Legendary investor and a man who is worth more than 86 billion dollars advises you to focus on the development of writing skills and public speaking, because it is a capital that will come back multiple times in life. So, as soon as possible find a quality media training and enhance your communication potential.