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The philosophy of ganbatte

Although a seemingly simple expression, ganbatte has its roots in Japanese tradition and is one of the motivational threads of Japanese culture. Ganbatte is a specific outlook on life that focuses on doing our best and not giving up. Ganbatte teaches perseverance, determination, overcoming obstacles and motivation regardless of how difficult the challenge may be.

In translation, ganbatte means – “do your best, try hard, do it the best you can, and if things don’t go your way, okay, you shouldn’t feel bad about it, because you know you did your best.” In the book “Ganbatte – The Japanese Art of Always Moving Forward“ by the author duo Hector Garcia and Francesco Miralles, there is a list of some practical ganbatte tips for entrepreneurs:

  1. Do it!
  2. If you have no experience, start, you will learn along the way.
  3. Make a mistake, you can learn a lot from it.
  4. Be persistent, you can learn a lot from it.
  5. Strive for perfection in everything!
  6. Surround yourself with people who share your vision.
  7. Never stop learning!
  8. Be patient.
  9. Introduce yourself to the world!
  10. Listen to your intuition!

It is our decision how we will deal with life’s difficulties and how we will approach everyday challenges and tasks. For all those who apply Japanese resilience and tenacity to their own lives and begin to believe in their abilities, difficult situations will become easy and impossible situations will become possible.