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What entrepreneurship teaches me every day

September 11, 2023by Aleksandra Štingl

Three years ago, I opened my agency, named Bolder. Clients appreciate my work, because everything increases – the number of successful projects, clients and great business collaborations. The clients are long-term, those with whom I started my entrepreneurial adventure, are still my clients. But every day isn’t easy, without challenges and difficulties. It’s simple, but not easy! I learned that if I stay in a fixed mindset and my comfort zone for just a few months, I quickly lose connection to new jobs, current client’s needs, and requests. A fixed mindset means I do not accept challenges, do not stand criticism, do not learn from my mistakes, and generally do not put enough effort into success. Three years ago, I decided that my goals would be a little bigger every year, and I also would be a little better – more self-aware, persistent, business prudent.

Therefore, three weeks ago I proposed to a new client shooting and editing the films about their PR activities for their social networks. The client trusted me, approved the filming of five films that in less than three weeks had more than 60,000 views, numerous positive comments and generally an incredible increase of followers on social networks. I like this development mindset. It helps me achieve greater success, I am not afraid of failure and challenges, and I continuously create opportunities for learning and growth that clients appreciate and reward.