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Artificial intelligence on trends in PR

March 21, 2023by Aleksandra Štingl

This blog was written by the artificial intelligence system ChatGPT answering the questions about trends in public relations in 2023. The blog was created in less than ten seconds and provides “possible new trends in public relations based on current industry developments and new technologies”. It’s fascinating how this tool is already changing the marketing and PR industry, with PR professionals using it to write blogs, articles and social media posts.

Here’s what ChatGPT states:

Increased focus on purpose-driven communication which involves promoting a brand’s values and social impact and also greater use of social media influencers. There will be more emphasis on storytelling, compelling narratives that resonate with their audience and build emotional connections. Brands will increasingly accept artificial intelligence, and the most represented tools will be chatbots, automated media monitoring and sentiment analysis tools. When it comes to relations with the media, there is a growing trend in Europe of targeting local and regional media with the aim of increasing visibility and credibility. And finally, there will be a greater emphasis on crisis management.

If you add to this what the trends will be in the US, ChatGPT also emphasizes the strengthening of the DEI initiative (diversity, equality and inclusion) in PR and the greater use of interactive content in PR campaigns. And finally, strengthening the role of data and analytics as PR becomes increasingly data driven.

The text written by the AI was full of redundant phrases and could have been written by any PR professional with a year’s experience. There are no new facts. But it’s fascinating what can be achieved with this tool and how much the tool is already changing the marketing and PR industry. In Croatia, many PR professionals use it for SEO, writing blogs, articles and posts for social networks, thus freeing up time for strategic thinking.