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Marginal gains

January 16, 2023by Aleksandra Štingl

The strategy of "marginal gains" was designed and applied by Dave Brailsford, when he was appointed as one of the directors of the British Cycling at 2003. At the time he took over then organization, British cyclists were achieving mediocre results and had not won the Tour de France in 100 years. His philosophy was to look for small signs of progress in whatever you are doing. As he himself explained: "The whole principle came from the idea that if you take everything you know about cycling and break it down into small parts, and then improve each one by 1 percent, when you put it all together, you get a big improvement“.

This meant redesigning the bicycle seat, rubbing the tires with alcohol to make them stick better, wearing electrically heated sports shorts, using new massage gels, different pillows for athletes to sleep on… As a result of everything, the British from 2007 to 2017 won 178 world championships and 66 gold medals at the OI or Paralympic Games. In addition, they also conquered the Tour de France. This philosophy can be applied to every area of ​​life – sport, technology, education, business, etc. If you break the services you provide into segments and introduce minimal improvement in each segment like better preparation for each meeting with, for example, only 3 key points, more
efficient time management, more purposeful meetings, more concise materials for the media, strengthening of networking with your important target groups, etc. at the end of the year, the result will not be lacking. The number of satisfied clients should grow, as should the balance on business accounts.