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Do not avoid public speaking

September 8, 2021by Aleksandra Štingl

At the end of August, I was invited to participate as a speaker at Eventualno event. It is an event that connects event industry’s representatives to discuss challenges, problems and possible solutions. It is designed as a panel where you do not know who the other participants will be, nor what will be the topic of the event. At first glance it seems crazy because you don’t know how to prepare yourself. However, the event was more than enjoyable and funny, and brought together 19 panelists who spoke openly about the mistakes and failures they experienced in their careers and how they overcame them. The most important thing is that the panelists (organizers, suppliers, sponsors) connected each other to form partnerships and to start cooperation on existing and new projects.

Why is speaking at the events “cool”?

It is a great opportunity to present your company and yourself, position yourself as someone who understands industry trends. In addition, by participating in conferences as a speaker you get excellent opportunity to network, meet new partners and share experiences, knowledge and ideas. Conferences are held to gather the industry in finding solutions for the challenges, and speakers have one of the key roles in that process. They express their opinions and thus encourage participants to think about what they are currently doing and what they could / should do. In other words, they influence  public opinion and very quickly can become “influencers” with thousands of followers on LinkedIN, Instagram or Twitter.  Finally, as a speaker you don’t pay expensive registration fees, and you can enjoy all the benefits of conferences.

Therefore, next time when someone invite you to be a speaker at the event, accept that invitation. If you doubt in your presentation/performance abilities, hire PR and do the media training.