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PR support for media education workshops

March 26, 2021by Aleksandra Štingl

This week we held the last workshop within the project “Empowering young people through media education”. The series of workshops was jointly organized by the Udruga Zamisli and Udruga Maštara, Croatian Journalists’ Association, under the sponsorship of the US Embassy in Croatia and PR support of Bolder. More than 150 young people from all over the country took part in workshops on the topics of investigative journalism, the fight against fake news, the fight against misinformation and media literacy.

The workshops were held by renowned journalists from leading Croatian media such as Ana Malbaša from Nova TV’s Provjereno who explained how to deal with misinformation, Ilko Ćimić from Index talked about investigative journalism and how he discovered scandals that led to the resignations of ministers in Croatian government, while Hrvoje Šimićević from the Novosti portal explained how he discovered sexual abuse in an orphanage in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants were great – active, curious, constructive with a critical view of the media scene in Croatia.

Radio Student, student portals and media specialized for media literacy topics provided media support. Faculty of Political Science was very supportive with announcements on its social networks.