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Successful collaboration with the Ruđer Bošković Institute

February 9, 2024by Aleksandra Štingl

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Department of Molecular Medicine, Bioanalytics Laboratory, with Bolder’s communication help, successfully presented to the public the results of “Qualitative and quantitative protein analysis project” in which a new method with an emphasis on clinical application was developed.

The "Qua/Qua Protein" project enables the identification and quantification of proteins in single analysis, which enables acceleration and more accurate results in a series of control and diagnostic tests related to the analysis of proteins and amino acids. The project thus resulted in numerous practical applications for the improvement of primarily diagnostics, than pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, bioanalytics and the food industry.

Bolder's task was to provide communication support for the initial conference on the project, the press conference for the presentation of the special mass spectrometer device and the visit of foreign scientists, and the final event. In 18 months this project achieved a total of 47 media announcements in leading national and local media. The project was largely financed by the European Union. Namely, the total value of the project was 1.1 million euros, and 900,000 euros was secured from the European Fund for Regional Development.