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Communication of e-Enrollment in kindergartens

December 28, 2020by Aleksandra Štingl

Bolder is involved in the project “e-Enrollment – Informatization of the process and the establishment of comprehensive electronic enrollment services in educational institutions” for Central Office for the Development of the Digital Society. The realization of this project will simplify enrollment in the educational program without the need to issue numerous certificates. What did it look like now?

Until now, parents for enrolling children in kindergarten and primary school have been burdened with serios administrative tasks that included filling out applications, obtaining and submitting a series of certificates (birth certificate, residence permit, copy of personal statements, all sorts of evidence), which required spending time on touring the counter, waiting, etc. The new complex electronic registration service will enable citizens to digitally run the application in one place and its complete processing, regardless of the number of institutions and business processes involved in its solution. Finally!

As part of the project in 2021 and 2022, we will hold a series of events throughout Croatia, project presentations and workshops with children, digital advertising campaigns, etc. We look forward to participating in such projects that contribute to the improvement of society.