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Young people are not inert

During the coronavirus pandemic, I suggested to representatives at the Zagreb Youth Center to create new content for their users who follow the Center’s activities online. After the successful brainstorming, we created – “Tips of the successful people” and “From the couch around the world”. Our goal is to involve users and encourage activism by designing quality content.

“Tips of the successful people” is a column in which the advice of successful businesspeople from Croatia is published twice a week. These are tips that have helped them achieve top careers, design new products and services, increase the number of employees and internationalize their business. They share their thoughts with young people to encourage them to the business challenges they will yet face in life. Life tips have already been shared by Medeja Lončar, CEO of Siemens, Kristina Ercegović, entrepreneur and writer, Velimir Šonje, economic analyst, Zvonimir Viduka, CEO of Altpro, Tanja Džido, digital marketing specialist, successful entrepreneur and founder of the Shhhefica portal and many others.

Here I highlight Kristina Ercegović’s life lesson and her 6 practical tips:

Your talent is a lesson to someone else that he is willing to pay for!
Don’t take anything personally!
Get out of the way – the key to success is how you talk to yourself!
Good enough is enough! Forget about perfection, it does not exist!
Don’t give too much to prove your worth!
Adapt work to life, not life to work!

The column “From the couch around the world” was created through cooperation with the embassies of various countries in Zagreb, which provided us with an insight into the culture and customs of their countries. With this column, young people learn how to make a Belgian specialty – meatballs with cherry sauce. Finland offered us a free online artificial intelligence course while Kingdom of Sweden presented the Midsommar holiday.

And now let someone say that young people are inert, idealess and disinterested.

From my experience working with them, just the opposite is true!